Great benefits of Okra for your Health

Okra (Lady’s fingers) is a fruit and vegetable plant belonging to the genus Abelmoschus,scientifically known as Abelmoschus esculentus.It is one of the flowering plants, and is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates. Okra is a very common plant in many societies as it is grown in many places and is used with contempt in […]

6 Important Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the creeping plants of the genus Citrullus and is scientifically known as Citrullus lanatus. Watermelon is a fruit that is widely available and known around the world. Watermelons are found in no less than 1000 varieties and vary in color from its internal fillets from that of pink, yellow and orange, […]

Top 7 Health benefits of Coconut.

Coconut is a fruit (seed) from the coconut tree, a plant that belongs to the palm family known scientifically as Cocos nucifera. The coconut fruit has a hard shell of fiber and one large seed in it which also has the hardest and firmest shell. It is a seed that has a white edible flesh […]

Find out the 8 benefits of eating mango fruit.

Mango is a mango tree fruit, a plant known scientifically as Mangifera indica. It is a very popular fruit in the world and is known even to young children. It is a fruit among the sweetest and most popular fruits as well. Mangoes are found in many different shapes, colors including yellow, brown, green, gold […]

Benefits of eating pumpkins for your health

Pumpkin is one of the creeping plants, and can creep on top of other trees as well. It is a plant known scientifically as Curcubita. Pumpkin is a crop that is very common in the communities around us as it is grown and found in many parts of the world. Pumpkins was one of the […]

Identify the 10 health benefits of carrots.

Carrots are one of the most popular vegetables in the world, which is a root vegetable scientifically known as Daucus Carota. Carrots come in many varieties, especially for their color, such as red, purple, white, or yellow. Although the carrots that are most common in our area are orange. Carrots can often be used in […]

10 Benefits of Pawpaw Consumption for Our Health.

Pawpaw is a papaya fruit, a plant known as Carica papaya, Papaya is green when unripe, and when ripe it is orange in color and has a soft reddish-orange flesh which you can eat and have a sweet taste. Papaya has a lot of black seeds in it. Papaya can be eaten on its own […]

10 Benefits of Eating Cucumbers for Your Body’s Health.

Cucumbers are one of the creepy plants and can creep on other nearby trees,that are scientifically known as Cucumis sativus whose fruits are often green on the outside and on the inside there is a fleshy substance about 95% water with a cool taste. The origin of Cucumbers is said to be from South Asia […]

Top 9 benefits of Eggplant fruit for your health.

Brinjal is an eggplant fruit (Aubergine) a plant scientifically known as Solanum melongena, This fruit is often purple on the outside and sponge-like flesh on the inside and is used in recipes as vegetables, is a fruit among crops grown and found in many places. The origin of the eggplant fruit is said to be […]

Do you know the important benefits of eating pineapple fruit?

Pineapple is the fruit of a plant known scientifically as the Ananas comosus which looks like it has such thorns or like sisal, Pineapple fruit is yellow on the inside and has a very sweet sugary sauce and its aroma is very attractive even if it is kept away. It is one of the most […]

Find out 8 Health Reasons Why You Should Use Grapes

Grapes are the fruit of the vitis family, which is scientifically known as vitis vinifera. Grapes bear on the vine in clusters of about 6 to 300 grapes in the small branches of the vine, grapes can be found in green, yellow, blue, black or red, it depends on the type or climatic factors of […]

The importance of Tomato fruit for your Health

Tomato is a fruit from a plant known scientifically as Solanum lycopersicum. The origin of the tomato is said to have originated in Peru, where it was considered the only wild plant with a yollowish color. After the people of that era in Peru studied the fruit, they began to cultivate it and use it […]

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